Addressing The Elephant In The Room In Crypto

Obamacare got rid of unpredictability. It set the rules. Financiers could with confidence buy medical insurance stocks knowing the rules would not be changed.
Obamacare stimulated a generational boom in healthcare stocks for another reason …
It needed Americans to buy medical insurance. In other words, Obamacare forced countless American households to become consumers of medical insurance companies.
In a comparable method … crypto policy will force more investors to get included.
In the meantime, billionaires like Ken Griffin have the perfect reason to not purchase cryptos.
” Why d you miss out on out on bitcoins 1,000,000% gains?” a financier may ask a highly-paid hedge fund manager.
” Regulatory unpredictability” has actually been the go-to reason.
Its been completely appropriate for professional investors to miss out on out on bitcoins 1,000,000% increase.
When crypto is managed, that will not be the case. The worlds biggest money managers will need to think about purchasing it … or risk being left behind.
Itll open the door to crypto for traditional financial advisors and asset managers.
Banks and other fintech business need to also take advantage of more regulative clearness.
Theyll offer more crypto services … consisting of payments, lending, settlement, and custody.
Are there downsides to policy? Sure.
The federal government will likely come down hard on crypto projects that disregard policies.
The “empty” cryptos that not do anything valuable will have a difficult time justifying their presence to regulators.
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Article By Stephen McBride, Editor– Disruption Investor, Mauldin Economics.
Updated on Nov 1, 2021, 1:47 pm.

And Cigna Corp (NYSE: CI), another big health insurer, has skyrocketed 481%.

Run by Ron Ozer, a former trader at Citadel and DE Shaw, the Read MoreRegulating Crypto Prices
Policy is coming to crypto. Given that bitcoin burst onto the scene 13 years earlier, crypto has existed in a regulatory gray location. Today, cryptos are a $2.6 trillion asset class. Financiers might confidently buy health insurance stocks understanding the rules wouldnt be changed.

Anthem Inc (NYSE: ANTM), Americas second-largest health insurance company, has soared 585%.

Will the United States federal government manage crypto … and if they do, what will occur to crypto rates?
[soros] Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and moreStatar Capitals Returns Suffer In Commodity Market TurmoilMiami-based Statar Capital had a hard time in September as gas costs soared. The fund, which specializes in trading gas, ended September with a loss of 0.59%, according to a copy of its newest investor upgrade, which ValueWalk has been able to evaluate. Run by Ron Ozer, a former trader at Citadel and DE Shaw, the Read MoreRegulating Crypto Prices
This is an extremely important concern … and by far the # 1 thing readers are asking.
Today, Ill answer it.
What takes place when the government manages crypto?
Notice I didnt state, “if the government manages crypto.”
I said, “when.”.
Guideline is coming to crypto. This is a carved-in-granite, dead certainty. And nows the time to prepare.
Considering that bitcoin burst onto the scene 13 years ago, crypto has actually existed in a regulative gray area. Regulators didnt know what to make of it. They still do not.
Not only is the government unsure how to regulate crypto. It doesnt even know who need to regulate crypto in the first location.
Are cryptos securities, which would fall under the SEC … or are they commodities, which suggests the CFTC has to get involved?
For a years, the government mostly dodged these hard concerns. Regulators stuck their heads in the sand and hoped crypto was a fad that would disappear.
The total opposite occurred. Today, cryptos are a $2.6 trillion asset class. Bitcoin is worth more than Tesla, Facebook, or Berkshire Hathaway.
The crypto industry has grown too big and important for regulators to disregard any longer.
As you know, the US government lives by extracting cash from you through taxes and inflation …
Crypto threatens its capability to do both.
Thats not going to fly with bureaucrats in Washington.
Its a certainty that crypto will be controlled in a method that avoids it from disrupting the US governments control of cash.
And for us financiers, thats great news.
Policy will most likely be an excellent thing for the crypto industry due to the fact that history shows.
In fact, I welcome policy as a substantial chance that will lead to much higher crypto costs.
Guideline will provide much-needed clarityto the crypto market.
This clarity will attract millions of cash managers who have not put a cent into crypto.
Since of the regulative unpredictability, many of the worlds biggest financiers have not touched crypto.
These folks are the monetary elite. They have more cash than God, controlling trillions of dollars.
And they decline to purchase crypto before the government sets the rules. Ken Griffin, the billionaire creator of Citadel Securities, recently told Bloomberg:.
We do not trade crypto due to the fact that of the regulatory unpredictability … if crypto was controlled, I would trade it.
There are hundreds of Ken Griffins out there … biding their time till a regulative framework comes to crypto.
When guidelines come, I anticipate the floodgates to open. The quantity of cash that will rush into crypto will dwarf anything weve seen up until now.
And remember …
Benefits Of Regulation.
Federal government guideline is generally a excellent thing for financiers in an industry … and often its great.
Keep in mind all the uncertainty surrounding Obamacare?
Before Obamacare, health insurance companies were under fire from Washington. Financiers stressed looming guidelines would crush profit margins and put some insurer out of company.
When Obamacare was signed into law … the total opposite occurred. Obamacare was the very best thing ever to take place to healthcare stocks.
The Affordable Care Act passed in March 2010. Ever since, UnitedHealth Group Inc (NYSE: UNH), Americas biggest health insurer, has skyrocketed 1,273%.

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