Honeymoon Is Over?

HYG growth solidly rejected, and not even high volume helped the bulls– the dust does not seem settled here either.
Gold, Silver and Miners

Coppers deceptive weak point continues, and likewise to rare-earth elements, its bidding its time as no heavy chart damage is being inflicted through this dillydallying.
Bitcoin and Ethereum

Gold and silver feel the heat, and it may not be yet over in the brief run, miners state. Still, note the huge image– were still in a long sideways combination where the bears are not able to make long lasting development.

S&P 500 didnt get rid of the post-FOMC minutes selloff in the least– and credit markets do not offer much short-term clearness either. Probably the brightest sign comes from the intraday turnaround in financials higher– but tech still isnt capturing breadth, which is crucial to the 500-strong index recovery. Bonds stayed in the count down mode, as in not yet having actually restored composure and risk-on posture.

S&P 500 didnt shake off the post-FOMC minutes selloff in the least– and credit markets do not use much short-term clarity either. Most likely the brightest sign comes from the intraday turnaround in financials greater– however tech still isnt capturing breadth, which is key to the 500-strong index healing. We could be looking at a weak entry to todays S&P 500 session. S&P 500 still remains on edge and under pressure till convincing indications of turn-around establish– yesterdays session didnt certify. Investing, trading and speculating in financial markets may include high danger of loss.

Neither tech nor value used hints for todays session– the downswing total feels as having some more to go still, whichs based on the charts only. Add in the fundamentals, and it could get tougher still.
Credit Markets

Bitcoin and Ethereum remain in a weaker area, and the bearish pressure might easily increase here a lot more. This doesnt look to be the time to buy yet.
S&P 500 still stays on edge and under pressure till convincing indications of turnaround establish– yesterdays session didnt qualify. Dont look though for an incredible rush into Treasuries– tech decoupling from the increasing yields would be a first welcome sign of a regional bottom.
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Were taking a look at another risk-off day today– and a reflexive however fairly tame rally in quality financial obligation instruments. Crude oil is likely to be least affected, followed by copper as the red metals takes a review at its recent weakness addressing chances with wider commodities strength. Precious metals seem a much better bet in weathering the tightening into a weak economy storm than cryptos.
Lets move right into the charts (all thanks to www.stockcharts.com).
S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook

Unrefined oil bulls are taking pleasure in the benefit here– securely in the motorists seat. Pullback are being purchased, and will likely continue being bought– the upcoming maximum downside will be really indicative of bulls strength to conquer $80 lastingly.

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