Apple’s Colossal Market Cap As It Hits $3 Trillion

These Are The Funds Louis Bacon Trusts His Foundations Money ToHedge fund supervisors are amongst those who make millions of dollars every year, and much of them take part in philanthropy. Some have even set up their own structures to disperse their millions, and one of them is Louis Moore Bacon, the creator of the Moore Foundation and Moore Capital Management. Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, Read MoreWhile this was perceived as a colossal figure at the time, when we quickly forward to today, that valuation appears a lot more modest. Ever since, Apple has risen to touch a $3 trillion evaluation on January 3rd, 2022.
To assess simply how monstrous of a figure this is, think about that Apple is no longer comparable to just companies, however to countries and even whole stock indexes. This animation from James Eagle ranks the growth in Apples market cap along with top indexes from the UK, France, and Germany.
Lets take a more detailed look.

DAX 40 (Dax 30) Index *.
$ 2.50 T.

Apple Takes On Europe
The 3 indexes Apple is compared to are heavyweights in their own.
The FTSE 100 includes giants like HSBC and vaccine producer AstraZeneca, while the CAC 40 Index is home to LVMH, that made Bernard Arnault the richest guy in the world for an amount of time last year.
Apples market cap goes beyond that of the 100 business in the FTSE, as well as the 40 in each of the CAC and DAX indexes.
Market Cap ($ T).
Nation of Origin.
$ 3.00 T.

FTSE 100.
$ 2.90 T.

* Germanys flagship DAX Index broadened from 30 to 40 constituents in September 2021.
Its essential to note, that while Apples development is outstanding, European business have concurrently seen a decrease in their share of the overall global stock exchange, which helps make these contrasts much more appealing.
Prior to 2005, publicly-traded European business represented practically 30% of worldwide stock market capitalization, however those figures have been cut in half to simply 15% today.
Here are some other techniques to determine Apples dominance.
Apples Revenue Per Minute vs Other Tech Giants.
Stepping away from market capitalization, another unique method to measure Apples success remains in how much sales they create on a per minute basis. In doing so, we see that they create an enormous $848,090 per minute.
Heres how Apple income per minute compares to other Big Tech giants:.
Profits Per Minute.
$ 955,517.
$ 848,090.
Alphabet (Google).
$ 433,014.
$ 327,823.
$ 213,628.
$ 81,766.
$ 50,566.
In addition, Apples revenues arent too worn-out either: their $20.5 billion in net earnings last quarter relates to $156,000 in earnings per minute.
How Apple Compares To Countries.
Last but not least, we can compare Apples market cap to the GDP of nations.
Nation (omitting Apple).
Overall Value ($ T).
$ 3.0 T.
$ 2.0 T.
$ 1.8 T.
$ 1.7 T.
$ 1.7 T.
South Korea.
$ 1.6 T.
$ 1.4 T.
$ 1.4 T.
$ 1.3 T.
$ 1.1 T.
What may be most excellent here is that Apples market cap eclipses the GDP of significant industrialized economies, such as Canada and Australia. That suggests the business is more valuable than the whole economic production of these nations in a fiscal year.
Thats some major scale.
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Updated on Jan 10, 2022, 5:04 pm.

In January of 2019, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL)s market capitalization stood at $700 billion.

CAC 40 Index.
$ 2.76 T.

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