The Periodic Table Of Commodity Returns (2012-2021)

As inflation across products, possessions, and durable goods rose in 2021, financiers will now be keeping a sharp eye for a pullback in 2022. Well need to see and wait whether the Feds plans to increase rates and taper possession purchases will manage to offer rate stability in products.

In spite of being the 2nd worst entertainer of 2020 with the tidy energy transition on the horizon, coal was 2021s best product.
High electrical power demand saw coal return in design, specifically in China which accounts for one-third of international coal usage.
Base Metals Beat out Precious Metals.
2021 was a tale of 2 metals, as valuable metals and base metals had opposing returns.
Copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum, and lead, all vital for the clean energy shift, maintained last years favorable returns as the EV batteries and renewable resource technologies caught investors attention.
Demand for these energy metals looks set to continue in 2022, with Tesla having actually currently signed a $1.5 billion deal for 75,000 tonnes of nickel with Talon Metals.

On the other end of the spectrum, rare-earth elements just sunk like a rock in 2015.
Financiers relied on equities, real estate, and even cryptocurrencies to preserve and grow their investments, instead of the typically beneficial gold (-3.64%) and silver (-11.72%). Platinum and palladium likewise dragged other commodities, only returning -9.64% and -22.21% respectively.
Grains Bring Steady Gains.
In a year of over and underperformers, grains maintained their steady performance history and notched their fifth year in a row of positive returns.
Both corn and wheat supplied double-digit returns, with corn reaching eight-year highs and wheat reaching costs not seen in over nine years. In general, these 2 grains followed 2021s trend of increasing food prices, as the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations food price index reached a 10-year high, rising by 17.8% throughout the year.

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This graphic from U.S. Global Investors tracks specific product returns over the previous decade, ranking them based upon their specific performance each year.
Product Prices Surge in 2021
After a strong efficiency from commodities (metals specifically) in the year prior, 2021 was everything about energy products.
The top three entertainers for 2021 were energy fuels, with coal supplying the single best annual return of any commodity over the past 10 years at 160.6%. According to U.S. Global Investors, coal was likewise the least volatile product of 2021, indicating investors had a smooth flight as the nonrenewable fuel source surged in cost.
2021 Returns
Source: U.S. Global Investors.
The only commodities in the red this year were precious metals, which stopped working to remain positive in spite of rising inflation across products and possession rates. Gold and silver had returns of -3.6% and -11.7% respectively, with platinum returning -9.6% and palladium, the worst performing product of 2021, at -22.2%.
Aside from the rare-earth elements, every other commodity handled double-digit favorable returns, with four products (unrefined oil, wheat, coal, and aluminum) having their best single-year performances of the previous decade.
Energy Commodities Outperform as the World Reopens.
The partial resumption of travel and the reopening of services in 2021 were both effective catalysts that fueled the cost increase of energy products.
After crude oils dip into negative rates in April 2020, black gold had a strong comeback in 2021 as it returned 55.01% while being the most unstable product of the year.
Natural gas prices also rose considerably (46.91%), with the UK and Europes natural gas rates rising much more as supply constraints came up versus the winter season need rise.

For financiers, 2021 was a year in which almost every possession class completed in the green, with commodities providing some of the very best returns.

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