Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Indicted, Subject to Disbarment Complaints

Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Indicted, Topic to Disbarment Complaints; Lawyer Grievance Commission Stopped Working to Act Upon Complaints and Court Rulings

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 13, 2022) – Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby might finally face justice as she has simply been arraigned by a federal grand jury. Years previously she was the topic of at least 4 official problems seeking her disbarment based upon numerous different accusations of other and constitutional offenses, notes public interest law teacher John Banzhaf.
Charges Banzhaf, the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland took no action on any of the grievances – which were supported by overwhelming proof of misdeed, consisting of findings by a judge – leaving her free to continue to violate the rights of defendants, as she did concerning the prosecution of numerous authorities officers.
Prof Banzhaf, who filed three of the grievances, notes that other district attorneys backed down and refused to continue the criminal prosecutions of the law enforcement officer Mosby had charged once they also were threatened with disbarment procedures, but Mosby remained in workplace and able to continue to engage in actions which a judge held violated the rights of numerous offenders.
Although, years back, she dealt with a minimum of four principles grievances seeking her disbarment, and a judge discovered that she had actually broken the humans rights of the police officers she was trying, the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland appears to have taken no action to rein her in.
This means that, in spite of all of the negative findings by a number of judges, she remained complimentary to continue to break the rights of criminal accuseds, and to engage in other unethical if not illegal prosecutorial abuse, says Banzhaf, who had actually submitted three of the 4 recognized problems.
A “Runaway” Prosecutor
Banzhafs preliminary disbarment problem charged her with breaking the civil liberties of the offender law enforcement officer (based upon the trial judges own ruling), and of being a “runaway” prosecutor like previous Duke lacrosse-player rape-prosecutor Mike Nifong, who was disbarred and ultimately bankrupted by the resulting civil law fits. Banzhaf has actually identified Mosby as Nifong in a gown.
Prof. Banzhaf played a role in reducing previous Durham County, NC, district lawyer Nifong over his role in the infamous Duke lacrosse rape cases; his bar problem submitted against then-Congressman Barney Frank helped lead to his censure by the House; his similar complaint versus then-Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro assisted to discredit her in the 1984 presidential election; and a lawsuit he orchestrated required former vice president Spiro T. Agnew to return the money he had taken in kickbacks.
Banzhaf consequently filed a brand-new disbarment problem versus Mosby adding several various counts of deliberately lying to the public about why the cases versus the remaining officers were dropped.
Prof. Banzhaf notes that the prosecutions of the remaining law enforcement officer in the Freddie Gray cases were ceased shortly after he threatened to file comparable disbarment complaints against the new district attorneys appointed to try the remaining cases. The prosecutors then refused to continue with the prosecutions.
Offense Of The States Election Law
Banzhafs third complaint charged her with violation of the states election law (based on photographic proof), tampering with proof of that violation, misrepresenting the reality with “actual malice” (based upon a judges determination), which she “caused false and deceptive proof [to be provided] to the grand jury” examining the death of Freddie Gray, keeps in mind Banzhaf.
The Commissions obvious inaction is particularly upsetting for 2 factors, says Banzhaf.
As a district attorney, she is in a position to continue to do significant harm to defendants prior to her as she did to the cops workplaces, something not real about the majority of lawyers charged with misdeed.
Second, much of the charges are matters of record based upon judicial findings, so any excuse that a lot more examination must happen prior to any significant action can be taken just isnt valid, he states.
Although this brand-new criminal indictment appears to have absolutely nothing to do with her numerous doubtful if not illegal actions as a prosecutor, she might finally have to invest some time behind bars.
It may ultimately resemble what took place to Al Capone who went to prison not for the numerous violent crimes he committed, but for something entirely unassociated – tax evasion – suggests the law teacher.
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