Why Whitney Likes Alphabet More Than Apple – And Buffett Doesn’t

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Whitney Tilsons email to financiers going over Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL)s revenues and share repurchases; Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL)s share repurchases; why he likes Alphabet more than Apple– and Buffett doesnt.

Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

Alphabets Earnings
1) Alphabet (GOOGL), among the initial core holdings in both of our flagship newsletters, Empire Stock Investor and Empire Investment Report, reported blowout profits after the close yesterday.
Earnings grew 41%, its highest development rate in 14 years. Costs grew more gradually, leading its operating margin to skyrocket from 24% to 32%, its highest level in a years. Its operating income rose 88% to a record $21 billion, and free money flow struck $18.7 billion, up 61%.
The only reason the stock isnt up huge today is that it was currently up 58% for the year, far exceeding the 18% average gain of the other tech giants, Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), and Facebook (FB).
We continue to think that this company has a long growth runway ahead of it which the stock will follow.
Alphabets Share Repurchases
2) An increasingly essential motorist of the stock moving forward is likely to be share repurchases. Last quarter, Alphabet likewise redeemed $12.6 billion of its stock, continuing the current surge in this area over the past 5 years, as you can see in this chart:

Watch on this. While Alphabets share count only declined by 1.4% year over year, I think this will increase considerably with time as the company continues to gush complimentary money flow.
Apples Share Repurchases
3) To see what a massive impact this can make over time, just look at Apple. Under its founder Steve Jobs, the company rarely repurchased any shares.

As an outcome, Apples diluted shares outstanding have decreased by a sensational 35% (which translates into a 54% increase in incomes per share), as you can see in this chart:

The performance of the service is most essential, however the share repurchases have also been an essential factor …

Going forward, nevertheless, I do not think Apples share repurchases will supply nearly the very same tailwind because its share price has risen so high that even the boost in share repurchases from $70 billion annually in 2019 to $90 billion in the previous 12 months isnt moving the needle as much.
As you can see in this chart of the year-over-year decline in diluted shares outstanding by quarter, the decrease has actually been diminishing for almost three years:

Costs grew more slowly, leading its operating margin to soar from 24% to 32%, its highest level in a decade. Its operating earnings surged 88% to a record $21 billion, and complimentary money circulation hit $18.7 billion, up 61%.
3) To see what an enormous effect this can make over time, simply look at Apple. Under its creator Steve Jobs, the company seldom repurchased any shares. Then Jobs died in 2011, and activist investor Carl Icahn started pushing for repurchases in late 2013.

With this years run-up in its stock price, the math is comparable for Alphabet, but simply not quite to the exact same degree, as its market cap is less than $1.9 trillion versus almost $2.5 trillion for Apple.
Why Whitney Likes Alphabet More Than Apple – And Buffett Doesnt.
4) As I compare these 2 companies, its worth looking back to the post I published in July 2018: Why I like Alphabet more than Apple– and Buffett does not.
As you can see in this chart, I was best that Alphabet would surpass– its up 120%, double the increase in the S&P 500 Index– but dead incorrect that it would do much better than Apples stock, which is up more than 200%:.

Finest concerns,.
Upgraded on Oct 27, 2021, 3:15 pm.

I d like to think that, rather than being incorrect, I was merely early. As you can see in this chart, over the previous 14 months, Alphabet has actually far outshined both the S&P 500 and Apple, which I believe is likely to continue in the coming years:.

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